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Nominal Offer/Answer (Single Media Stream)


Each of the tests with a Single Media Stream should be repeated for each media stream that a channel driver supports, i.e., audio, video, RTT, etc.

Offer Negotiation - Nominal


All use cases covered in Nominal Offer/Answer (Single Media Stream) apply here as well, save that there should be a single audio media stream and a single video streammultiple streams of different types. Asterisk should treat the preferred codec offer in the same fashion for each stream independently; that is, if the preferred codec list is ulaw,g722,h261,h264, then the preferred audio codec is ulaw and the preferred video codec is h261.


Each of the following tests be repeated to include multiple media streams in various combinations:

  • Audio + Video
  • Video + Text
  • Audio + Text
  • Audio + Video + Text

Restricted Offer/Answer (Single Stream)


All of the scenarios in Invalid Format Offer/Answer apply, only with a single audio and a single video stream. Streams can be declined, or the entire offer can be declined with a 488 as appropriate.


Multiple Channels


Nominal Offer/Answer

  • Alice sends an INVITE request with an offer containing a set of codecs. The offer is a complete match with the set of codecs configured for Alice's endpoint.
  • Asterisk dials Bob. Bob's endpoint is configured with the same set of codecs, in the same order.
  • Bob's response to the INVITE request contains the same set of codecs as the offer. Asterisk responds to Alice with her set of configured codecs.
  • Alice and Bob are bridged using the same formats, with the same priority order.