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  1. chan_sip: outbound MWI subscriptions and receiving unsolicited MWI NOTIFY messages
  2. res_external_mwi: A module providing an API for other systems to communicate MWI state to Asterisk
  3. chan_pjsip: Setting incoming_mwi_mailbox on an endpoint



res_pjsip: The functionality for outbound SIP subscription or handling of unsolicited NOTIFYs inbound to Asterisk is not available in res_pjsip yet. Internal infrastructure is built that would allow it, so if this is something you want to work on, please contact the Asterisk development community.


Warning is mutually exclusive with You'll have to load only the one you want to use.


The endpoint parameter incoming_mwi_mailbox (introduced in 13.18.0 and 14.7.0) takes a <mailbox>@<context> value.  When an unsolicited NOTIFY message is received from this endpoint with an event type of message-summary and the incoming_mwi_mailbox parameter is set, Asterisk will automatically publish the new/old message counts for the specified mailbox on the internal stasis bus for any other module to use.  For instance, if you have an analog phone and you specify mailbox=userx@default in chan_dahdi.conf, when a NOTIFY comes in on a pjsip endpoint with incoming_mwi_mailbox=userx@default, chan_dahdi will automatically pick that up and turn the MWI light on on the analog phone.