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Asterisk License Information

Asterisk is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2 and is also available under alternative licenses negotiated directly with Digium, Inc. If you obtained Asterisk under the GPL, then the GPL applies to all loadable Asterisk modules used on your system as well, except as defined below. The GPL (version 2) is included in this source tree in the file COPYING.


Digium, Inc.
445 Jan Davis Drive NW
Huntsville, AL 35806
United States

Frequently Asked Questions about Licensing

What is an open-source license?

Wikipedia has a great article on open-source licenses, and is a pretty definitive resource.

How does Digium legally provide Asterisk under alternative licenses other than the GPL?

A multi-licensing model referred to also as Dual-licensing along with a Contributors License Agreement. Digium provides additional information on their alternative licensing at their website.

Is dual-licensing beneficial for the future of open-source?

Digium believes so, and so do many open-source community members; here is a blog post by Tristan Rhodes and a blog post by Mark Spencer both arguing why dual-licensing is beneficial for open-source.