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As you review content that you have written, try to link words to other content relevant to what you are discussing. Especially if it would help the user understand that topic.

When linking to internal pages (pages on this wiki) you should use the Search tab inside the Insert Link form. This is important as it will use an internal mapping that can be updated automatically later on if a page is renamed.

For external pages you'll have to use the Web Link tab where you will put in the direct URL.There are a variety of ways to link to other pages and content. All of them are described in the confluence documentation, in Working with Links.

When linking from an external site, outside Confluence, it is important to use a permalink. Here is an excerpt from the Confluence documentation:


The best way to link to a Confluence page from outside Confluence, for example on a website or in an email message, is to use the tiny link which is a permanent URL. This ensures that the link to the page is not broken if the page name changes.

To access the permanent URL for a page:

  1. View the page you wish to link to.
  2. Choose Tools > Link to this page.
  3. Copy the Tiny Link.
  4. Use the tiny link in your website or email message. 

You do not need to use the tiny link to link to pages within your Confluence site. Confluence automatically updates links when you rename or move a page to another space.

Common macros

Confluence provides a variety of macros serving all sorts of functions. The confluence documentation on Working with Macros is very helpful to understand their usage. Below we'll list some macros that are commonly used with notes on how to use them specific to the Asterisk wiki.