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Comment: Added note to native RTP bridging section.


Second, native local RTP bridging is performed at the main RTP API layer by having the bridged RTP instances point at each other. It is up to the individual RTP instances to detect that this has occurred and act accordingly. It might work better if the job of setting bridges on RTP instances were passed down to the engines themselves in case they want to perform other side effects besides changing a pointer.

A LATER EDIT: After discussing native RTP bridging some, the verdict is that altering the actual native RTP bridge is a desirable thing, but that it does not necessarily need to be done as part of the same project of getting the RTP engine up to date.


ICE deserves its own special section because it's so different from everything else that goes on, plus there is a desire for the RTP engine to be trickle ICE capable. res_rtp_asterisk has a few flaws with regards to ICE. To name a few: