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FeatureShort DescriptionSubmittedJIRA #Status
ARI TTS/ASR SupportSee: Re: Asterisk 14 Project - ARI and generic Text To Speech14/3/2015unknownActive
HTTP Media PlaybackPlay media directly from a URL. See Asterisk 14 Project - URI Media Playback16/3/2015  
Media PlaylistsPlay a sequence of media resources via a single request. See Asterisk 14 Project - Media Playlists16/3/2015In Process
Early bridgeBridge answered channels (inbound) and unanswered channels (outbound), passing media from outbound channels to inbound channels. Allow for unanswered outbound channels to be placed directly into an early bridge. This would allow for early media in "dial" operations in ARI.16/3/2015



In Review
Session Progress HandlingAbility for ARI to raise an event when a channel receives Session Progress (183)19/11/2015 
serverDigium/Asterisk JIRA
In Review
Recorded file retrievalAllow files in the StoredRecordings resource to be retrieved from the HTTP server.16/3/2015  
Channel dialplan requestAllow ARI to "request" a channel in the dialplan to be placed into a Stasis application and/or be moved to a new location in the dialplan. Similar to the AMI Redirect action.16/3/2015  
"All" subscriptionsAllow ARI to make subscriptions to all bridges/channels/endpoints. In particular, this is needed for bridges, as they are not tied explicitly to a Stasis application.16/3/2015ASTERISK-24870Done
PBX StasisInstead of having a Stasis application, have certain dialplan contexts be "owned" an an external ARI application. Channels that enter that context are immediately handed off to an application. The application would immediately be subscribed to all channels within that context. Note that this would need the 'all bridges' subscription noted above.16/3/2015  
Security eventsAllow for subscriptions to security events through the applications resource. Raise events as appropriate.16/3/2015  
Asterisk controlImprove the /asterisk resource to allow for more system control, i.e., restarts, logger manipulation, module reloading, etc.16/3/2015ASTERISK-25173Done
Endpoint injectionFor endpoints that could feasibly support it, i.e., PJSIP, allow for endpoints to be 'pushed' into memory via ARI. This would allow for endpoints to be created through the REST API.16/3/2015ASTERISK-25238Done
Config file updatesAllow any configuration file in Asterisk to be updated via ARI.16/3/2015  
Stasis dialplan result variableSet a channel variable on a channel if it can't get placed into a Stasis dialplan application.16/3/2015ASTERISK-24802Done
Increase HTTP max content lengthThe HTTP max content length is currently 4k. That limits some of the requests that can be made.16/3/2015ASTERISK-24883Done
Add/Remove SoundsAllow ARI to be used to push new sounds to asterisk storage over HTTP and also deleted16/3/2015  
ARI DebugAllow ARI debug information at console, like sip set debug, we could have: ari set debug on/off. Could show details about messages passed between application and asterisk. Could be filtered by Stasis app too, e.g. "ari set debug <appname> on"05/05/2015