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Comment: Do authenticated HTTP over HTTPS, because security


  1. Clone the repository:
    1. SSH:

      Code Block
      $ git clone ssh://{user}{repo}
    2. HTTP:

      Code Block
      $ git clone httphttps://{user}{repo}
    3. Anonymous HTTP:

      Code Block
      $ git clone{repo}
  2. Copy the commit-msg hook into your local .git/hooks folder:

    1. If you have git-review installed:

      Code Block
      $ git review -s
    2. Otherwise:

      Code Block
      $ scp -p -P 29418 {user} {local-repo}/.git/hooks/

      The commit-msg hook adds the Change-Id automatically to git commit messages. A Change-Id is necessary for Gerrit to associate multiple patch sets together. For more information, see Change-Ids.