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  1. Install git-review:

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    $ pip install git-review
  2. To submit a change to master as a draft:

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    $ git review -D
  3. To submit a change to master:

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    $ git review

    Note that this will automatically publish the change to the asterisk-dev mailing list!

  4. To submit a change for a particular branch:

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    $ git review {branchname}
  5. To submit a change, including the ASTERISK issue:

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    $ git review -t ASTERISK-12345

Use git push

titleUse git review

While you can always use git push instead of git review, using git review is highly recommended. It was designed for use with Gerrit, and makes your life much easier.

Pushing to Gerrit for code review can always be done using standard git commands. This is done by pushing to the refs/for/[branch]. Generally, this will be master, unless pushing to a particular mainline Asterisk branch.


Description:  There is an incompatibility between certain version of git and gerrit that causes this error when the commit to be pushed was amended an and only the commit message changed.
Solution:  Run git push manually with the --no-thin option: