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Comment: Added extension state publication


  • A new pluggable API for DNS, allowing for asynchronous DNS. PJSIP has been outfitted with asynchronous DNS that fully supports RFC 3264 service location.
  • ARI has been enhanced with new abilities
    • Playback of media can now be done as a list rather than an individual resource. This allows easier application management when playing back multiple sounds/recordings.
    • Channels may be created and dialed separately, rather than as a single origination. This can allow a user to add a channel to a bridge before it has answered in order to facilitate early media.
  • The CURL function has been modified to be able to write retrieved files to disk. This can be used to retrieve media stored on a remote server for playback, for instance.
  • All mechanisms in Asterisk that can play media files can now retrieve remote media over HTTP/HTTPS and play that instead.
  • Extension state (i.e. hints) can now be published over SIP if using the PJSIP library.

It is highly recommended that users of Asterisk upgrading to Asterisk 14 read the UPDATE notes.