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Because the Digium Phone module for Asterisk requires new features - APIs, SIP messaging infrastructure, voicemail changes, etc. - that are currently only available in Asterisk 13, Asterisk 12 and Asterisk 11, and because Digium phones will require new changes in the future as additional phone applications are provided, new branches of earlier, but still supported versions of Asterisk, were required. For Asterisk 1.8 users, all of the code necessary to support DPMA, as well as changes to Asterisk applications, such as voicemail, parking, user presence, etc. is available in the Certified Asterisk releases, beginning with the asterisk-1.8.11-cert1 release. For more information about Certified Asterisk, please see the overview on the Digium Sangoma website. Support for Asterisk 10 was provided in the "-digiumphones" branch of Asterisk 10. This branch tracks the mainline branch of Asterisk with respect to features and bugfixes, but also supports DPMA. As with any other branch of Asterisk, both Certified Asterisk and -digiumphones branches are licensed under the GPLv2 and are made available for download via subversion, as tarballs, and as packages.