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(question) Does the D80 provide a way for setting a Static IP address?No.

 In current firmwares, the D80 can only retrieve an IP address from a DHCP server on the networkYes.  As of firmware, static IP addresses may be set from the phone's boot menu configuration.


(question) Can the D80 retrieve a pre-provisioning XML file from a Boot66 directive?


(question) Does the D80 allow a user to manually configure QoS, VLAN settings, or Ethernet Port modes?No.  In current firmwares, QoS, VLAN settings (other than those provided by LLDP) and Ethernet Port modes can only be provisioned by DPMA and/or Switchvox

Yes.  As of firmware, VLAN configuration may be set from the phone's boot menu configuration.


(question) Can a user manually select a Phone Network from the D80?


(question) Does the D80 support 802.1X authentication?No.  In current firmwares, the D80 does not support

Yes.  As of firmware 1.9.5, 802.1X authentication may be configured on the D80.


(question) How can a user perform a factory reset before the UI loads?


(question) Does the D80 support the full capability of Smart BLF for those elements that aren't currently used by Switchvox?No.  The D80 supports the elements of Smart BLF as they're used by current versions of Switchvox.  Many of the more exotic capabilities aren't supported in current D80 firmware versions

Much of the capability of Smart BLF is available when using the D80, especially as it pertains to behaviors conditional on target status.


(question) Does the D80 support voicemail rewind and fast-forward by dragging the playback slider?


No.  Current firmwares do not support the host_alternate SIP registration.


(question) Does the D80 support 802.1X authentication?

No.  Current firmwares do not support 802.1X authentication.


(question) Does the D80 support exotic codecs?

No.  In current firmware, the D80 supports G.711 u-law, G.711 a-law and G.722.


(question) Does the D80 support TCP or TLS as transport types?

No.  In current firmware, the D80 supports only UDP and TCP.


(question) Does the D80 support SDES SRTP?