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idunique idA unique identifier for this display_rule, e.g. 0, 1, 2, etc.
action_idA valid action as defined in the phone's Contacts fileSets the action_id for the display rule to act upon
phone_stateidle, hold, transfer, incoming/transfer, incoming, connected, dialing, calling, failedDefines the state of the local phone during which the rule will be acting. If not specified in a rule, all states are matched. Note that this list of states differs from the larger list of states available for BLF key action mappings.
target_statusunknown, idle, on_hold, ringing, on_the_phone, on_hold_ringingOptional. Sets the status of the subscribed to contact that must be matched for this display rule to be in effect
showBooleanIf set to yes, shows a particular action; if set to no, hides the action. To hide an action for all states and only show it for some states, first declare the action to have a false show, then declare it to have a true show for only a particular state or states.

Voicemail Forwarding

Digium phones have a Voicemail application that allows the forwarding of voicemails to a Contact.  When a user engages the forward function from within the Voicemail application, the user is then presented with a filtered list of contacts to whom forwarding is possible.  The filtered list of contacts is defined by the set of contacts that are contained on a server with the same server_uuid as the current phone, and that are of the type 'sip', 'zap', or 'virtual,' and that have an account_id that matches the target voicemail box.