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This section includes


information related to the core development of Asterisk. This includes:

  • Project guidelines for source control set-up, branch management, and releases
  • Information for submitting patches back to the project, participating in code reviews, and committing patches
  • Examples for more complex frameworks in Asterisk
  • The project roadmap, including the notes/results of previous Asterisk Developer Conferences (AstriDevCon)
  • Project planning/coordination notes

And anything else developers can think of that can use a wiki page.

Most of the documentation related to the source code is embedded in the source files and is processed with Doxygen.


Doxygen can be


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rootAST:Core Development

generated on your system using "make progdocs" with doxygen installed.



The information on the pages in this section may be developer planning notes, which can differ quite a bit from the final implementation. Do not assume that a page in this section reflects the implemented behaviour in Asterisk!


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