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  • Issues Resolved:
    • Correct issue with call drops following quick exiting of the Call Parking notification screen and highlighting of another call handle in Asterisk environments, all models
  • New Features:
    • Add check-sync-reconfig event handler to allow reloading of config without restarting app suite, all models
    • Implement digest/basic user:pass support for all cURL requests, not just OpenVPN requests, all models
    • Enable SSL host verification by default, can be disabled using the allow_insecure_ssl setting, all models
    • Allow server-specific certs to be in-lined in the phone's configuration
  • Improvements:
    • Update SSL CA bundle, all models
    • Improve consistency of user-agent strings; cURL strings now are "Model Version (MAC)" as are SIP strings

If upgrading to this firmware, note that SSL validation is ON by default for ALL cURL requests. If phone is expected to connect to a server using a privately-signed certificate, allow_insecure_ssl setting MUST be enabled before the connection will succeed, or the phone's configuration must have been loaded with the server's cert using the <certs><cert></cert></certs> configuration element. This setting can also be controlled via the phone's config as well as via a boot menu option on the phone itself.