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Digium phones have a Voicemail application that allows the forwarding of voicemails to a Contact.  When a user engages the forward function from within the Voicemail application, the user is then presented with a filtered list of contacts to whom forwarding is possible.  The filtered list of contacts is defined by the set of contacts that are contained on a server with the same server_uuid as the current phone, that are of the type 'sip', 'zap', or 'virtual,' and that have an account_id that matches the target voicemail box.  Further, the receiving contact must also have a phone and line entry in res_digium_phone.conf.

Contact Pictures

Digium's D80 telephone can display pictures for contacts within its Rapid Dial application and Drawer as well as the picture for the phone's local user within the Navigation drawer.  Pictures should be in PNG format, 150 pixels wide, and 200 pixels high.  To find the local match the D80 will compare its own account_id from its account configuration to the account_ids of its loaded contacts for a match, and display the appropriate picture.  The D80 will download and cache contact pictures and will only perform a new download if the URL of the picture changes.