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We do have a speakerphone available & a wireless network called asteriskdevcon that should be more reliable than the astricon wifi

Password is the same digium18
Also want to thank Torrey for taking notes day and George for setting up streaming for those who cannot participate onsite.   The development process is bigger than any one room


  • Matt Fredrickson - sangoma
  • Torrey Searle - Voxbone
  • Malcom Davenport - digium - product manager - here for free food
  • Jared Smith - digium
  • Christophe Durieux - connect with the community
  • Claude Paltry - jive 
  • Jroan Vinzens- sipgate - bulding a new infrastructure in ast16 with ari
  • david duffet - digium - observing
  • fred posner - lod - interestin in the future of asterisk
  • Ludovic gasc - allo cloud -belgium - interested in ari
  • pascal cadotte - wazzo - in quebec in future development esp ari
  • evan boily - wazzo - hope next astricon will be in canada - interested in futre of asterisk
  • Igor Goncharovskiy - russia - IQTek unistim developer
  • Nir Simovitch - isreal - clodonix - uncarrier - here for fun
  • Eric Klein - clondonix - sponsoring dangerous demos
  • Lenz Dimitiri - lowe in switserland
  • Sean McCord - psycore systems - atlanta
  • Dan Jenkins - nimble ape UK - here to be quiet
  • andrew naggy - socal - sangoma
  • james benstrup - writes bugs for freepbx
  • brian walters - sangoma - buffalo ny - interested in future of asterisk
  • Jason Parker - atlanta -sangoma - work on phones for sangoma
  • Dan Collins - usain - knocksville
  • Paulo Vicentini - Brazil - Voxbone - help with ast13 rollout
  • Steve Murphy - next vortex - wyoming - 
  • Peter Weschke - see where asterisk is going with ari
  • harrison schults - corona - indianapolis
  • john harden 
  • alex goodman - corona


  • Ben Ford - digium - working on ast for 1 year


  • Kevin Harwell - alabama - digium - getting feedback


  • Alexander Traud - frankfurt germany - unemploied - used ast for 6 years 
  • George Joseph - digium developer

What ever direction you like to see asterisk is within your power.  
What has happened in this last year:
asterisk 15.x 6 bug fix releases, current is 15.6.1
asterisk 14 8 security releases last version is 14.7.7
asterisk 13.x 6 bug fix releases current 13.23.1

3300 merged code reviews (across all branches)

it is amazing the number of contributions, that is a pretty amazing number
that is also means alot of eyeballs, people helping wiht review is strongly encouraged, there are alot of patches pending review a long time because of lack of reviews

1000 commits on asterisk 16 (close 3 per day) 72 individual contributing
asterisk 16 as been released! it has been in feature freeze already for a while.  if you haven't tested it yet, then well patches welcome (smile)

Top contributor
260 Corey Farrel

Standard release vs LTS

something happened last here that broke convention, that made some people angry

in asterisk land we have 2 categories of releases, one is the standard release and the other is the magic LTS

alot of people feel confort in LTS, we decided in lots of caution due to the lots of changes in ast 15 especially ref multi-stream support 
we decided not to make 15 an tls, which broke lots of conventions. On the other hand the changes were supprisingly stable.  they maintained compatiblity with most of the applicaiton interfaces

Standard release
1 year bug fix, 1 year security fix

4 year bug fix, 1 year security fix

additionaly we have a new branch inclusion policy.  new features can be put into an existing branch so long as there are tested and are non-major nor breaking changes

that allowed us to alot of neat things with that especially in branch 13, and it helps other branches because all those tests can get moved to the other branches as well

it has been a few years since the last LTS.  16 will be an lts, will be around until 2022, and security fixes til 2023

What's new in 16?


  • about proposing that chan_sip be marked deprecated
  • how does sangoma implact the future of digium
  • opportunistic dtls
  • res_monitor deprecation
  • making easier to stream audio in a way to get it out of asterisk (ari) especially in context of speech recognition
  • getting access to end of call statistics (regardless of who hangs up first)
  • getting rid of extensions.conf for ARI applications
  • discuss around asterisk pushing to a message queue
  • discussion around removal of macro functionality
  • improvement to access media streams
  • res_xmpp & chan_motif should they remain core supported?
  • Alexander Traud - RTCP with audio codecs codecs


George Joseph | kevin Harwell presentation presentation:

Asterisk 2018 Performance Update