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someone@justanexample:/path/to/asterisk/doc/CHANGES-staging# ls

These files must be ".txt" files in order to be parsed. The only exception to this is the file, which should never be modified or removed.

Inside of one of these files (say, the first one), it should follow the format of subject linelines, headers, blank line, then a description of the change. It could look something like this:

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Subject: res_pjsip
Subject: Core

Obviously this is just an example and when you write a description it should be way better than this.

But you get the idea!


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someone@justanexample:/path/to/repotools/# ./process-staging-changes -s 16.2.0 -e 16.3.0
# Done! Check the working directory (/tmp/asterisk) and make sure everything islooks inright. theThen correct state
run 'commit-staging-changes -v 16.3.0 -b <current_branch>.'.
someone@justanexample:/path/to/repotools/# ./commit-staging-changes -v 16.3.0 -b 16

Both of these scripts take an optional parameter (-l / --local-root). This works the same way as in the mkrelease script. If you're using a directory that's not the default (/tmp), you MUST specify this the path with this option.