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The lunch this year will be sponsored by E4 Strategies.  Many thanks to them for doing it again this year!

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Event day schedule

AstriDevCon is a mix of open and focused discussion all on topics within the realm of Asterisk development, primarily regarding current concerns that Asterisk faces and how to improve Asterisk for the future.

Starting at 9AM

Lunch will be served from 12:00 to 1:00 outside the ballroom commons (across from the International Ballrooms)

Event ends this year at 3 PM.  (This year only, hopefully all will be back to normal next year)

We'll build a rough agenda together in the morning.



  • Presentation by George Joseph and Kevin Harwell about performance improvements in 16 - 30 min
  • Presentation by Ben Ford about video improvements in 16 - 30 min
  • Lunch 12 -1
  • Have discussion about proposing that chan_sip be marked deprecated
  • Discuss how Sangoma's acquisition of Digium affects the future of Asterisk
  • Opportunistic DTLS
  • Discuss deprecation/removal of res_monitor
  • Making it easier to send audio to/from Amazon, Google, IBM (especially in context of speech recognition)
  • Getting access to end of call statistics (regardless of who hangs up first)
  • Getting rid of extensions.conf for ARI applications
  • Discussion around having Asterisk and some message queue/bus (like RabbitMQ) talk directly to each other
    • Some kind of integrated functionality that takes what ARIProxy does and marry it with parts of Asterisk
    • Can we have multiple websocket connections to the same ARI application (for better redundancy)
  • Discussion around removal of macro functionality
  • res_xmpp/chan_motif should they remain core supported (due to dependency on unmaintained libraries)
  • Alexander wants to talk about RTCP/media-interaction with audio codecs
  • Josh Elson wants to talk about task processor architecture limitations
  • Josh Elson wants to talk about challenges with 50,000 sparsely registering endpoint
  • Give Igor some time to talk about improvements for various applications in how you interact with multiple media streams.