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There are multiple supported feature frozen releases release series of Asterisk. Once a release series is made available, it is supported for some period of time. During this initial support period, releases include changes to fix bugs that have been reported and features that have been added following policy (features must be backwards compatible and must include tests when possible). At some point, the release series will be deprecated and only maintained with fixes for security issues. Finally, the release will reach its End of Life, where it will no longer receive changes of any kind.


New releases of Asterisk will be made roughly once a year, alternating between standard and LTS releases. Within a given release series that is fully supported, bug fix updates are provided roughly every 4 to 6 weeks. For a release series that is receiving only maintenance for security fixes, updates are made on an as needed basis.


For developers, it is useful to be aware of when the feature freeze for a particular branch will occur. The feature freeze for a branch will occur 3 months prior to the release of a new Asterisk version, and a reminder announcement will be posted to the asterisk-dev mailing list approximately 60 days prior to the feature freeze. Asterisk versions are slated to be released the 3rd Wednesday of October. The feature freeze for a branch will occur the 3rd Wednesday of July. An announcement reminder will be posted to the asterisk-dev mailing list the 3rd Wednesday of May. Feature freeze consists of the creation of two branches: One for the release series and one for the initial releasebranch. Features can continue to be placed into the release series branch alongside bug fixes according to policy but the initial release branch will be frozen.. On the 2nd Wednesday of September an initial release candidate for the new version is created alongside release candidates for all other current supported release series. Additional release candidates will be created as needed based on fixes for issues reported. On the 3rd Wednesday of October full releases for all supported release series are created.

Feature Freeze Announcement Reminder

3rd Wednesday of May

Feature Freeze of Asterisk Branch

3rd Wednesday of July

First Release Candidate of Asterisk Branch2nd Wednesday of September

First Release of Asterisk from Branch

3rd Wednesday of October