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For developers, it is useful to be aware of when the major feature freeze for a particular branch will occur. The major feature freeze for a branch will occur 3 months prior to the release of a new Asterisk version, and a reminder announcement will be posted to the asterisk-dev mailing list approximately 60 days prior to the feature freeze. Asterisk versions are slated to be released the 3rd Wednesday of October. The major feature freeze for a branch will occur the 3rd Wednesday of July. An announcement reminder will be posted to the asterisk-dev mailing list the 3rd Wednesday of May. Major feature freeze consists of the creation of the release series branch. Features can continue to be placed into the release series branch alongside bug fixes according to policy. New major changes or breaking changes are no longer acceptable in the release series once the major feature freeze has been done. On the 2nd Wednesday of September an initial release candidate for the new version is created alongside release candidates for all other current supported release series. Additional release candidates will be created as needed based on fixes for issues reported. On the 3rd Wednesday of October full releases for all supported release series are created.


Feature Freeze Announcement Reminder

3rd Wednesday of May

Major Feature Freeze of Asterisk Branch

3rd Wednesday of July

First Release Candidate of Asterisk Branch2nd Wednesday of September

First Release of Asterisk from Branch

3rd Wednesday of October