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AstriDevCon 2021 Minutes


Ben Ford - Alabama, Sangoma Ast Dev, Stir Shaken! 
BJ Weschke - New Jersey, Wonders Corp, 16&18 w/AMI
Daniel Collins - East Tennessee, USAM
Florian Floimair - Austria, Commend, now on 18, wants to know direction
Franck Danard - France, Sangoma FreePBX Dev, PMS
George Joseph - Colorado, Sangoma Ast Dev (wants to know who is using unsupported asterisk!)
Igor Goncharovsky - 
James Finstrom - (joined PM)
Jared Smith - (joined PM)
Joran Vinzens - Germany, SIPGate UK - 11&18 w/AMI ARI AGI
Josh Colp - Atlantic Canada, Ast tech lead Sangoma
JP Loh - Philippines, Contractor for an Ontario Business Phones Company
Kevin Harwell - Alabama, Sangoma Ast Dev
Lorenzo Emilitri - Switzerland work from Norway, QueueMetrics, Ast in Contact manager
Lorne Gaetz - Atlantic Canada, Sangoma, Longtime FPBX tinkerer, PM for OSS projects
Malcom Davenport - Alabama, Sangoma PM
Mark Peterson - Denmark, Unicel patching from 1.8->18
Matt Brooks - Alabama, Sangoma, FreePBX and PBXact Cloud
Matt Frederickson - Director OSS, Sangoma
Michael Bradeen - Colorado, Sangoma Ast Dev
Michael Cargile - DialGroup, OS call center app. Moved to pjsip on 16
Michael Young - New Hampshire, Rocky Linux
Pascal Cadotte - Canada, Developer for Wazoo platform, pjsip migration
Sylvain Boily - Quebec City, Wazoo Communication, Developing Unified Communication Platform w/ Ast 18
Torrey Searle - Bandwidth International, Long term user
Walter Moon - Sangoma FreePBX Dev Team, Digium phone apps API
Yitzchak Pachtman - Israel, NY Based IT MSP, Ast & FreePBX for 5 years (Pitzkey)

Lunch set to 12:30 Eastern (90 minutes)


10AM - Matt Frederickson, introductions