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  • action
    • remove - W/O. Remove talk detection from the channel.
    • set( dsp_silence_threshold,dsp_talking_threshold ) - W/O. Enable TALK_DETECT and/or configure talk detection parameters. Can be called multiple times to change parameters on a channel with talk detection already enabled.
      • dsp_silence_threshold - The time in milliseconds before which of sound falling below the dsp_talking_threshold option when a user is considered stop talking. The default value is 2500.
      • dsp_talking_threshold - The time in milliseconds after which a user is considered talking.minimum average magnitude per sample in a frame for the DSP to consider talking/noise present. A value below this level is considered silence. If not specified, the value comes from the dsp.conf silencethreshold option or 256 if dsp.conf doesn't exist or the silencethreshold option is not set.

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