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  • number - Telephone number or search string. Only numeric values within this string are parsed; all other digits are ignored for search, but are re-written during NAPTR regexp expansion.
  • service_type - tel, sip, h323, iax2, mailto, ...[any other string], ALL. Default type is "sip". Special name of "ALL" will create a list of method types across all NAPTR records for the search number, and then put the results in an ordinal list starting with 1. The position number specified will then be returned, starting with 1 as the first record (lowest value) in the list. The service types are not hardcoded in Asterisk except for the default (sip) if no other service type specified; any method type string (IANA-approved or not) may be used except for the string "ALL".
  • options
    • c - count. Returns the number of records of this type are returned (regardless of order or priority.) If "ALL" is the specified service_type, then a count of all methods will be returned for the DNS record.
  • record# - Which record to present if multiple answers are returned integer = The record in priority/order sequence based on the total count of records passed back by the query. If a service_type is specified, all entries of that type will be sorted into an ordinal list starting with 1 (by order first, then priority). The default of options is "1"
  • zone_suffix - Allows customization of the ENUM zone. Default is