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Originate a call.


Generates an outgoing call to a Extension/Context/Priority or Application/Data


No Format
Action: Originate
ActionID: <value>
Channel: <value>
Exten: <value>
Context: <value>
Priority: <value>
Application: <value>
Data: <value>
Timeout: <value>
CallerID: <value>
Variable: <value>
Account: <value>
Async: <value>
Codecs: <value>
  • ActionID - ActionID for this transaction. Will be returned.
  • Channel - Channel name to call.
  • Exten - Extension to use (requires Context and Priority)
  • Context - Context to use (requires Exten and Priority)
  • Priority - Priority to use (requires Exten and Context)
  • Application - Application to execute.
  • Data - Data to use (requires Application).
  • Timeout - How long to wait for call to be answered (in ms.).
  • CallerID - Caller ID to be set on the outgoing channel.
  • Variable - Channel variable to set, multiple Variable: headers are allowed.
  • Account - Account code.
  • Async - Set to true for fast origination.
  • Codecs - Comma-separated list of codecs to use for this call.

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