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1. Paragraphs

There are two kinds of paragraphs: the first one is called the 'Header' and the other is a 'Section'. The 'Header' paragraph belongs at the top of the configuration file while the 'Section' paragraph is created before your section (EG: [general]).

1.1. Header (Once)

1.1.1. Required fields File

This field will contain the full name of the file. Syntax
; File: <filename> Description

The short description shouldn't be wider than 60 characters while the long description should be used if more detail about the settings is needed. Syntax
; Description: <insert up to 60 chars description>
;  <insert long description, indented with spaces>

1.2. Section (Repeatable)

1.2.1. Required fields Section Value Description Default

1.2.2. Optional fields Since

2. Examples

2.1. Simple

; File: manager.conf
; Description:

; Value: enabled
; Section: general
; Description:
; Since: 1.0
; Default: no
enabled = no

; Value: webenabled
; Section: general
; Description:
; Since: 1.0
; Default: no
webenabled = no

; Value: port
; Section: general
; Description:
; Since: 1.0
; Default: 5038
port = 5038

3. See also

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