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Asterisk Realtime LDAP Driver

With this driver Asterisk can retrieve information from an LDAP drectory, including SIP/IAX2 users, extensions and configuration. This guide assumes you have a working knowledge of LDAP and have an LDAP server with authentication already setup.

See configs/res_ldap.conf.sample for a configuration file sample.
See contrib/scripts for the LDAP schema and ldif files needed for the LDAP server.

From within your Asterisk source directory:

Let's edit the extconfig.conf file to specify LDAP as our realtime storage engine and where Asterisk will look for data.


You'll want to reference the Asterisk res_ldap.conf file which holds the LDAP mapping configuration when building your own record schema.

Basic sip users record layout which will need to be saved to a file (we'll use 'createduser.ldif' here as an example).

Let's add the record to the LDAP server:

When creating your own record schema, you'll obviously want to incorporate authentication. Asterisk + LDAP requires that the user secrets be stored as an MD5 hash. MD5 hashes can be created using 'md5sum'.

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