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Published when a malicious call ID request arrives.


Event: MCID
MCallerIDNumValid: <value>
MCallerIDNum: <value>
MCallerIDton: <value>
MCallerIDNumPlan: <value>
MCallerIDNumPres: <value>
MCallerIDNameValid: <value>
MCallerIDName: <value>
MCallerIDNameCharSet: <value>
MCallerIDNamePres: <value>
MCallerIDSubaddr: <value>
MCallerIDSubaddrType: <value>
MCallerIDSubaddrOdd: <value>
MCallerIDPres: <value>
MConnectedIDNumValid: <value>
MConnectedIDNum: <value>
MConnectedIDton: <value>
MConnectedIDNumPlan: <value>
MConnectedIDNumPres: <value>
MConnectedIDNameValid: <value>
MConnectedIDName: <value>
MConnectedIDNameCharSet: <value>
MConnectedIDNamePres: <value>
MConnectedIDSubaddr: <value>
MConnectedIDSubaddrType: <value>
MConnectedIDSubaddrOdd: <value>
MConnectedIDPres: <value>
  • MCallerIDNumValid
  • MCallerIDNum
  • MCallerIDton
  • MCallerIDNumPlan
  • MCallerIDNumPres
  • MCallerIDNameValid
  • MCallerIDName
  • MCallerIDNameCharSet
  • MCallerIDNamePres
  • MCallerIDSubaddr
  • MCallerIDSubaddrType
  • MCallerIDSubaddrOdd
  • MCallerIDPres
  • MConnectedIDNumValid
  • MConnectedIDNum
  • MConnectedIDton
  • MConnectedIDNumPlan
  • MConnectedIDNumPres
  • MConnectedIDNameValid
  • MConnectedIDName
  • MConnectedIDNameCharSet
  • MConnectedIDNamePres
  • MConnectedIDSubaddr
  • MConnectedIDSubaddrType
  • MConnectedIDSubaddrOdd
  • MConnectedIDPres

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