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If you want to go directly to postgresql database, and have the compiled you can use the following sample setup. On Debian, before compiling asterisk, just install libpqxx-dev. Other distros will likely have a similiar package.
Once you have the compile done, copy the sample cdr_pgsql.conf file or create your own.

Here is a sample:


Now create a table in postgresql for your cdrs

        calldate timestamp NOT NULL , 
        clid varchar (80) NOT NULL , 
        src varchar (80) NOT NULL , 
        dst varchar (80) NOT NULL , 
        dcontext varchar (80) NOT NULL , 
        channel varchar (80) NOT NULL , 
        dstchannel varchar (80) NOT NULL , 
        lastapp varchar (80) NOT NULL , 
        lastdata varchar (80) NOT NULL , 
        duration int NOT NULL , 
        billsec int NOT NULL , 
        disposition varchar (45) NOT NULL , 
        amaflags int NOT NULL , 
        accountcode varchar (20) NOT NULL , 
        uniqueid varchar (150) NOT NULL , 
        userfield varchar (255) NOT NULL 
In 1.8 and later

The following columns can also be defined:

        peeraccount varchar(20) NOT NULL
        linkedid varchar(150) NOT NULL
        sequence int NOT NULL
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