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Creating an Account

  1. Sign up through
  2. Sign a CLA
  3. Go to Gerrit
  4. Click Sign In
  5. Sign in through
  6. Profit
On this Page

Setting up your Gerrit Account

  1. Add an SSH key
  2. Set your username

Cloning from Gerrit

  • SSH:

    git clone ssh://{user}@{server}:29418/{repo}
  • HTTP:

    git clone http://{user}@{server}/{repo}
  • Anonymous HTTP:

    git clone http://{server}/{repo}

Pushing to Gerrit

  1. How to push:

    $ git push ssh://{username}@{server}:29418/{repo} HEAD:/refs/for/master
  2. Change-ID: Make sure you install the hook, if it isn't already there!
    1. Installing it:

      scp -p -P 29418 {username}@{server}:hooks/commit-msg {local-repo}/.git/hooks/
    2. Fixing it if you forgot:

      git commit -amend

Updating a Review

  1. Make sure any new commits use the same Change ID
  2. Squash your commits back down into one (preferably)

    git rebase -i HEAD~{num}
  3. Re-push


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