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AstriDevCon 2021

Sangoma invites developers who are interested in the future of Asterisk to join us at AstriDevCon. The AstriDevCon event will occur virtually on November 2nd. Details for participation will be sent by email to registered participants.

Event day schedule

AstriDevCon is a mix of open and focused discussion all on topics within the realm of Asterisk development, primarily regarding current concerns that Asterisk faces and how to improve Asterisk for the future.

Starting at 10AM EST.

Event ends at 4PM EST or until completion.

We'll build a rough agenda together in the morning.



AstriDevCon will be held virtually with participation details to be sent by email to registered participants.

Registering for AstriDevCon

Fill out the registration form!

Registration will be required for participation. This allows us to ensure we have enough capacity.

Additional Information

IRC Channel

We'll be using IRC during the AstriDevCon for out of band discussion., #asterisk-dev (Unlike previous years where #astridevcon was used instead)


Please watch this space for how participation will occur.


Previous AstriDevCon events

See the below sections for notes and content from previous AstriDevCon events.

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